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The laying hens interval feeding method

The pre-weight of laying hens is a headache for managers. The interval feeding method will solve this problem very well. In the middle stage of light brood, the operation method is basically the same as commercial broiler. To the incubation period of light time fixed, you can stop at noon for 2-3 hours, the chicken has a rest, the process of hunger. Should be arranged on duty to ensure that set the total light time is not reduced, for the laying period, the middle of time can not stop light, but the chicken in the morning, the afternoon 2 to 3 clock, 2 to 3 hours before dark there will be three feed peak. To this end, we can follow the laws of nature and the use of three feeding "meal" feeding method. This will not only speed up the intake rate, increase feed intake, and the chute will have empty slot time. Because chickens like to feed larger particles of feed, uninterrupted feed will make the bottom of the powder feed less, and powder precipitation in more vitamins and minerals, long-term so easily lead to nutritional deficiencies.

The use of interval feeding method should pay attention to:
1. This method will aggravate the phenomenon of chicken snatching, it requires the provision of adequate feeding position to ensure that chickens have the same access to feed and get the same amount of material.

2. To provide adequate drinking water, and in accordance with the requirements of the water supply half an hour before feeding (especially in the first day of feeding), to avoid the chicken due to hunger and speed up the food intake led to overeating occurred.

3. Chicken body weight is not up to standard or slow food intake, the slowing down of the speed of light, and more to provide feeding time.

4. Chicken in a larger stress (such as beak, immune, etc.) and the disease can not use this method, to be free to eat.

5. Use interval feed method to grasp the chicken feed intake, not a one-time feeding too much, can avoid nutritional deficiencies, but also to avoid feed contamination and moisture due to mildew phenomenon.

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