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Broken beak

Broken beak is one of the most decisive management measures in contemporary chicken production. The main advantages are: to fundamentally prevent the occurrence of pecking; to reduce the waste caused by chicken bashing feed, so that the rest of the chickens to reduce energy consumption, improve feed compensation, but also improve the chicken breeding environment. After the chickens have been treated with beak, the feed consumption is 3% lower than that of the unblemed chickens; the laying period reduces the loss of the egg. The right beak can get the maximum production performance. If the beak is not suitable, it may become the main single management factor of laying flocks and breeders' unsatisfactory performance. In the actual production of broken beak technology did not pay attention, often due to bad beak caused by high mortality, poor development, poor uniformity and egg production rate decreased, broken beak improper and constant beak the risk of comparable, and thus beak The quality of this work has become the key.
Structural principle
Debeaking machine mainly by the thermostat knob, variable temperature thermostat, transformer, on the blade, under the knife-edge, chassis and other components. There are two types of foot control and electromagnetic control. Pedal has a special rack to support the mouth of the mouth of the machine, through the spring, hooks and chains to connect the foot parts, to achieve nozzle action. Electromagnetic control is generally equipped with a support frame, can be placed on the desktop operation, connected to the power can start work, through the electromagnetic switch, complete the blade and knife edge of the upper and lower movements to complete the cut mouth work.
1. broken beak time and way
The correct beak date should be determined based on the flock growth. Good development of chickens can be 6 to 10 days of age; less developed chicken, can be delayed in the 10 to 14 days of age, must be the least stress in chickens and the most effective use of labor within the time. Due to 1-year-old chicks beak short, or no broken beak experience, easy to break evenly. And 3 days before the break beak will cause stress accumulation. On the other hand, the degree of stress in the beak is increased with age, which in turn reduces feed intake and body weight. Broken beak later, the longer the chicken to recover; if beak too late, it will delay sexual maturity. Therefore, it is often 6 to 10 days of age accurate beak once, chicken 10 to 12 weeks of age when the beak once again. 6-10 days of age chicks have increased tolerance, beak on the weight gain of small, easy to operate, help to reduce human error.
2. beak of the note
2.1 generally in the drinking water by adding water-soluble multi-dimensional and give benefits, Vick fat and other anti-stress drugs, additional VK to enhance anti-stress ability. At this time the big chicken in the hot day when the beak is particularly necessary.
2 .2 Beak-beak's beak pain and discomfort, feeding and drinking water may be difficult. So after the break 2 ~ 3d should increase the depth of feed and drinking water, chicks at least 1.5cm deep, big chicken to 2cm deep. The waste that is wasted during this period is worthwhile for the rapid recovery of the chickens from the beak.
2.3 generally beak after 2 ~ 4d, feeding can be restored, and drinking water recovery time required to eat less than 1d or more, and after drinking water affected by the program than the small intake. If at this time the use of a drug such as anti-coccidiosis, the feed consumption is not returned to normal before drinking water-soluble drugs to ensure that the required dosage.
2.4 to reduce stress, poor health status of the flocks, or continuous use of the vaccine response should not be beak.
2.5 should be broken in 1d when the cool beak.
2.6 If necessary, vaccination of chicken chicks with chicks can be carried out when the beak is in operation.
2.7 catch chickens to prevent the accumulation of chicken squeeze caused unnecessary death.
2.8 Be sure to use well trained personnel to break the beak.
2.9 Do not use the Beak Trimming Device on ungrounded output power. Do not unplug the three-phase grounding post so that the line of fire is not in contact with the groundbreaking case, resulting in electric shock to the operator.
2.10 must be checked before the broken beak repair beak device. Tighten the blade fixing bolts to remove the thicker scale of the blade.
In short, for the general situation of the beak, can also cause about 2% of the laying period of pecking eggs of direct economic losses. Therefore, we should attach great importance to beak technology, implement the beak evaluation system, improve and improve the quality of beak, and adhere to as an indispensable management measures. Broken beak may also be pecking, once the pecking will begin to develop habits. Production of water for a long time to produce a typical pecking egg phenomenon, and in the water recovery, the pecking egg phenomenon than the previous significant increase. Therefore, the production must be from the water, material, light, density, exotic parasites stimulation and many other aspects, to take comprehensive prevention and control measures to prevent the pecking caused by a variety of stress factors, thereby reducing the pecking losses, Good economic benefits.

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