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Some Tips For Rabbit Raising

1. The rabbits belongs to vegetarian animals just like sheep, cattle, horse and elephant. So when raising them, the one and most important animal feed is hay. Cereal and other  rabbit feed that helps them to molar rabbit feed can also be added.
2. In order to help rabbits to have a balanced diet, do not feed them hay always. When the rabbits are 6 month old, you can try to feed them water spinach, celery, garden radish, carrot etc. But remember one thing: do not feed them vegetables with pesticide. The function of detoxification of rabbits is not very well.
3. One thing to notice is that do not feed rabbits any fruit. The fruits and vegetables are totally different. The fruits will load burden for the intestines and stomach.
4. Some necessary goods for rabbit raising: rabbit cages, metal rabbit feeder, rabbit drinker, dropping board, grass rack, chew stick etc.
5. Some essential medicine for rabbit: lactasin (reduce the chances of loose bowl) and anticoccidial drug.
6. To let rabbits drink enough pure water, do not always feed them vegetables, if there are to much vegetables in their intestines, they will easily die because of enteritis. Especially when they are 1-5 month old. So feed them hay and cereal when they are young.
7. Give them a warm, dry and ventilated house, you can also add a piece of wooden tray in the cage to help prevent the foot dermatitis.
8. The time for outdoor activities is about one hour or so. The teeth of rabbit can keep going, so get a chew stick for the rabbits. Or they will bite other things.
9. Do not bathe them when they are just a baby rabbit, even do not bathe them in cold day. They will clean themselves, so when you want to bathe them, the right time period is 2-3 month.
10. Do not raise them in hot, sticky and airless room. In the rainy season, the death rate will improve, If you raise them outside. Do not put the cage in airtight room when you raise them inside.
11. The rabbit waste is usually hard round black particles. Sometimes the soft waste will also appear and they will eat their own waste. But that’s ok, because there are vegetable fibers that can’t be digest. For further digest, the essential nutrition will have a second absorption. If they do not eat their waste they will diet for malnutrition.
12. The ears of the rabbit are vitals. Because the rabbits don’t have sweat glands, thereby, the rabbit use their ears to dissipate heat.

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