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How To Raise Long Haired Rabbits In Summer?

The long haired rabbits have thick and long fur, their sweat glands is underdevelopment. They will have heat-stressed action in summer. Their appetite lessens When the temperature is reached 30℃, their breathing has speeded up, their heart rate increases, they will stand transfixed. When they have these symptoms and still lack of water, they will suffer from sunstroke. At the same time, there will always be rainy days in summer, their feed go bad easily. If you just let it go, they will have diarrhea easily. So in order to improve economic performance, you need to pay attention to the following details:
1. Try to pant some trees and woody vines around the rabbit house, in order to avoid the direct sunlight. There also need to be ventilation windows in the rabbit house. In order to facilitate the cleaning and watering, the indoor floor need to be concrete.
2. You must keep the rabbit cage clean and always keep fresh air in the rabbit house. Some disinfection method will be introduced: to spray the cage with disinfectant solutions, concentrated liquid need to be diluted.
3. To keep a balanced diet, you need to add some feed that is rich in protein. They always keep sleeping during the day time and keep awake at night. Then you need add some feed at night. When summer comes you need to feed them some grass, but not too much each time.
4. Usually the shearing period is 80-90 days, when summer comes, the shearing period reduce to 60-70 days. The length of the rabbit fur have an important influence in summer.
5. When summer comes, the quality of the rabbit sperm drops, or the rabbit eggs will be sterile. To give birth in summer will be bad for a mother rabbit. Thus in summer we need to control reproduction in summer. When the temperature is high, you can add some soda and salt in the water.
6. The long fur rabbit is timid, the baby rabbits under stress eat less feed. So  you’d better do not let strangers go into the rabbit house. 

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