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How to breeding quail

Quail is a kind of consumption of poultry, for human food rich in protein, and the quail egg, quail meat has been processed into a variety of food sold in the market, is one of the most popular food, quail eggs, meat, rich nutrition, high protein, low cholesterol, quail meat tender, rich Amino acids, and also has many medicinal value.
The appearance of quail: 18 cm long, weight about 110-110 grams, small head, small mouth.Quail can be divided into eggs quail and meat quail.
The physiology of quail:Quail was afraid of the cold also can't stand the heat, young period temperature reached 35 to 37 degrees, into a phase of the temperature in the 20 to 25 degrees.2, humidity, general requirements section of the relative humidity in the 50-60%.Lighting for dim light 3, quail, quail group to keep quiet, feed conversion rate is high.
The feed of quail: generally the artificial breeding quail feed for compound feed, corn, wheat skin, bean cake,and try to use less fiber, nutritious food, varieties appropriate diversification.To maintain a certain protein,cannot transform at will, in case eat less, affect production.
The light of quail:The light is very important, insufficient natural light, to light supplement in the morning and evening.
Daily management of quail:Observe the status of the young quail, check whether the temperature, humidity and ventilation is appropriate, ensure quail illumination time, regular washing sink, manger, disinfected regularly. Maintain environmental hygiene.
The advantage of quail cage:feed costs low, cover an area of an area small, quick effect, good management, good breeding,Maintain clean sanitation, prevent infection, high disease resistance.
In breeding quail cage is also need their own characteristics.we have many types quail cages and quail egg peeler and many equipment for quails.

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