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Automatic Farming Equipment

Automation equipment can save land resource, reduce environmental pollution, reduce feed cost, contain the outbreak, save labor costs, improve labor productivity.
A set of automatic laying hens breeding standardized equipment, automated feed, automatic drinker, pick up eggs, automation manure removal and automation management and control of the hen house environment.
Automatic feeding equipment use:when we want to feed chicken,As long as gently press the feeding switch, the device will automatically will make good food slowly to the feeder ports, which port will feed evenly transferred to the hen house each feeding trough.Using a full set of automatic feeding system, to maintain the fresh feed hygiene, precise control of feeding amount, and eggs are improving.
Automatic drinking system useful:In order to make the healthy growth of laying hens, you should supply the fresh clean water, so you must use a reliable source of water supply system, must be no pollution, and easy to drink, layers should be used without a drop of water cup nipple drinking fountains and water cup water fountain.Chicken as long as gently looked up extended nozzle outlet can drink the water, after drinking the water outlet will automatically shut down.Use nipple drinking water system guaranteeing the water demand of different age laying hens, don't drop and keep indoor dry clean.
Automatic egg collection useful:The system including the import device automatically sets eggs,export device,The buffer device,convey.,buckle chain gear and long chain. Large automatic collection of eggs of the system.Through the conveyor belt transmission device eggs from the cage net of the tank to the hen house head end, or the central government set egg system transferred to the egg rolls.Pick up eggs this automation equipment is efficient, fast, and saving time, effort, and broke the traditional artificial pick up eggs. A high degree of automation. Save manpower. Has greatly raised labor productivity and Slip resistant eggs and breakage function and is suitable for large chicken farm.
Automatic Manure removal machine useful:Chicken yard also installed automatic manure machine, manure removal machine timing will be laying hens produce waste circulation dragged away a day, out of the hen house after centralized can reduce the harmful gas inside the hen house, for the growth of the chicken group created good conditions, reduce the happening of the disease.
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