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BAIYI Layer Cage – Chicken Cage Manufacturer From China

Layer Cage – Size and Cost

Layer cage is one of the most recognized farming equipment in caged chickens farming. Before buying a perfect layer cage for your farming, you have to determine the size and custom the design by yourself. Also the cost depends on what equipment comes with the battery cage of the poultry and caged chickens.
The number of units of layer can vary according to your necessity. You have to get one starter for every row of cages. And the cage must need to be minimum 1 meter away from the wall to maintain proper humidity and air circulation. Also you need to install a manifold system with a roof tank to feed water to the birds inside the layer cage.

Baiyi company is a one of the specialists in manufacturing layer cages for caged chicken poultry. We produce different capacity chicken cages

Why Layer Cages Is The Best for Chicken Eggs?

· Adjustable cage size and dimension for any sort of caged chickens farming plan.

· The full width sliding door will provide you full access and visibility to the chickens inside the cage.

· The electro or hot deep galvanized cage will ensure your cage be protected from corrosion and rust for years.

· The density of bottom fabric is increased to ensure free and force-free movement of the chickens and chicks.

· The natural ventilation system will keep a decent amount of air flow and proper humidity distribution in the cage inside.

· The centralized design and management of the cage will let you to save land and space of the poultry farm.

· The design is modified in such a way that, the feed waste and egg damage comes almost into a zero level.

· Floor support system is installed to ensure that the birds can move freely without damaging their legs.

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