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A Type, 4 Tiers, 160 Birds Chicken Cage

1.Material: low carbon steel wire Q235
2.Surface: electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic coated
3.Wire diameter: 3.0mm-3.2mm
4.Size /cell: 0.39mx0.36mx0.36m
Size/set cage: 1.98m x 2.5m x 1.8m
5.Capacity: 160 birds
6.Accessory: Nipple drinker, feeder trough, Water Pipe, Water tank, Stands and fitting tools



1. Number of chickens each unit area far exceeds the flating breeding way, it can increase 50% to 100%
2. Chicken manure and chickens are completely isolated, manure can be directly down to the ground, house dust greatly reduced, less chance of disease through infected feces, greatly reduced the mortality of chickens
3. Chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise, energy consumption, save feed
4. Easy to observe birds, clustering or choose Amoy easy
5. Have sufficient feed, water position and healty uniformity are better chicken
6. Can be avoided raising the required level of expenditure litter
7. Egg breakage rate, high cleanliness]
8. Chicken can significantly reduce disability
9. Low labor intensi

chicken layer battery cage

chicken layer battery cage

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