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A Type, 4 Tiers, 128 Birds Chicken Cage


1.  Material: low carbon steel wire Q235
2.  Surface: electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic coated
3.  Wire diameter: 3.0mm-3.2mm
4.Size /cell: 0.47mx0.36mx0.36m
Size/set cage: 1.88m x 2.5m x 1.8m
5.Capacity: 128 birds

chicken layer cage price  

-Nipple drinker: 304 stainless steel ball, Effective control the water, 360 degree drinking. Long time use, simple disassembly, health & safety. More drinker type for your select
-High quality PVC feed trough, Durable, corrosion resistance, Not easily broken
Loading capacity: >60kgs/ pcs, not fall off.
-Angle iron steel frame, Size: 3x3cm and 4x4cm, Surface can be electric galvanized and hot dip galvanized.
-Water tank: 12L, adopt new pure native PE raw material, strong toughness and resistance to fall off, compressive strength, anti-aging. 
-Voltage regulator: Water pressure regulating sensitive, stable and reliable, simple maintenance.

chicken layer cage price chicken layer cage price

Why Use cages in Poultry Production?
1.Reduce feed wastage and maximize productivity in layer production
2.Increased production
3.Better overall management of flock
4.Save on labour costs
5.Zero accidental mortalities
6.More effective management of poultry waste
7.The cages are reusable

chicken layer cage price  

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