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The most suitable equipment for raising rabbits

Whether the design for the rabbit equipment is reasonable, not only effect the efficiency of feeding staff, also effect the growth rate and health of rabbits. Therefore, it is a very far-sighted approach to find a suitable rabbit equipment.

The consequences with inappropriate rabbit equipment:
1. Rabbit cage not applicable, the baby rabbits easily squeeze through the bars of the cages or the the end of feeder, causing mixed nest or death. Some filed accounts for about 10%.
2. Born box unqualified, baby rabbits maybe cold, "steamed nest" or death.
3. Feeder not good, resulting in feeding waste and pollution.
4. The floor slit of the cage too close, store feces inside the cage, susceptible to coccidia, nematodes and other parasitic diseases. But if too thin, it is easy to cause fractures of rabbits.
5. With wire mesh panel as the floor, the rabbits prone to serious foot dermatitis
6. Increased labor intensity for feeding staff, low efficiency.

The following types are the most suitable rabbit cages:
1.For male rabbits, H type cage with 1.8m*0.6m*1.5m for 9 rabbits each set is most suitable. The length for each cell is 60cm, and width also 60cm. The male rabbits are bigger, so the cages for them also should be large enough.

2. For female rabbit, H type rabbit cage with 2m*0.6m*1.5m for 12 rabbits each set is most suitable. The length for each cell is 50cm, and width 60cm. Also can hang the born box for baby rabbits outside the cages. 

3. For fattening rabbit, H type cage with 1.8m*0.5m*1.75m for 24 rabbits each set is most suitable. The length for each cell is 30cm, and width 50cm. There are small space for the rabbits,in addition to eating, drinking, sleeping, the rabbits can’t walk too much.

All these cages will be equipped with the nipple drinker for automatic drinking, and galvanized feeder with good quality, also supply the dropping board to collect the manure.

Our factory also can supply A type rabbit cages, can be 2 tiers or 3 tiers. This kind of cages are stronger, also the cost will be higher. They can be equipped with the automatic manure removal system. Invest much, but save manpower. The steel frame make this kind of cages more durable. If you like, can contact me for more details.

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