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The advantage of cage breeding rabbit

Cage is the rabbit in a special rabbit cage feeding. It can be divided into indoor and outdoor, which is better around the current feeding methods. In particular, the breeding field of rabbits, households, should adopt this feeding.
Cage breeding rabbit advantages: feeding and management more meticulous, male and female feeding, breeding and management of breeding can be controlled, the beneficial conservation and new strains; single cage feeding, easy isolation, to avoid the spread of the disease. Cage breeding rabbit can also regularly clean the rabbit cage, to keep clean, healthy. It is also conducive to accumulation of manure.
Indoor cage: that is, the rabbit cage in the house keeping rabbits. This way of keeping in the rainy season, easy to manage, easy to keep warm in winter, usually can prevent animal damage.
Outdoor cage: that is, the rabbit cage on the outside, open-air rabbits. Housewives, is the rabbit cage on the yard, this way of keeping, can make rabbits in cold and hot conditions under the exercise, the formation of strong disease resistance, adaptability, good quality. At the same time rabbit cage well ventilated, often by sunlight, is not conducive to bacterial reproduction, so that both rabbit breathing fresh air, but also to the sun, the constitution more robust, relatively thick coat. At the same time easy to move, easy to manage, save building materials and manpower, it is suitable for the majority of rural promotion.
The requirements of the above two breeding methods, cage bottom from the ground should have the appropriate height, place the place to dry leeward, the direction is best to sit south to ensure ventilation, Wind attack. Young rabbit and young rabbit activity is large, preferably attached to the stadium, often let them go out to promote their physical health.
This cage to support the way, has been the majority of rabbit farmers use, and has improved. According to local inspection, there are many farmers have been fixed in two or three layers of rabbit cage to expand the amount of rearing, while management is also very convenient.
The bottom of the rabbit cage about 10-15 cm from the ground, with wooden strips, bamboo slats, bamboo poles, fine wooden sticks for the cage at the end, excrement leakage in the following, by the following cleaning, winter and then cage bottom with bricks, Wood and other closed insulation, regularly open the clean manure. In the second layer and the third layer, in the bamboo slats or wooden slabs produced under the cage floor, with a certain degree of slope of the fecal plate, rabbit feces, urine leakage in the stool board, both for cleaning, keep clean. In addition, in each fixed rabbit cage (nest) are equipped with convenient closure of the cage door, louvers and crates and other equipment, can be applied to various uses of rabbits.

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