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Pigeon cages

1. Material: Low carbon steel wire.
2. Surface treatment: Electric galvanized or hot galvanized.
3. Specialty: Easy to assemble. Feeding and easy management, save the 
space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, and increase the survival rate.
4. Scalability: Can be adjusted according to the size, can add automatic drinking water system, also available for one layer or layers adjustment.
Pigeon Cage Type 1
1)Type: 3 tiers- 4 doors 
2)Capacity:12 pigeons 
3)Size/Cage: 2m x 0.5m x 1.7m
   Size/Cell: 50cm x 55cm x 50cm
4) Weight: 40kg
5) Accessory of pigeon cage: 12pcs feeding troughs,12pcs sand cups,12pcs nests,12pcs water troughs, water pipe,dropping board,installation tools.
Pigeon Cage Type 2
1)Type: 4 tiers- 4 doors 
2)Capacity: 16pigeons 
3)Size/Cage: 2m x 0.55m x 1.8m
   Size/Cell: 50cm x 55cm x 40cm
4) Weight: 55kg
5) Accessory of pigeon cage: 16pcs feeding troughs,16pcs sand cups,16pcs nests,16pcs water troughs, water pipe,dropping board,installation tools.
Wire diameter: 2.5 mm-3.5 mm
Feature: The cages are made of good quality steel wire welded together. The smooth surface and small holes bottom mesh can prevent hurt of pigeon feet.
Other meshes and back meshes are upright large and strong large meshes, which can use for long time and easy install. H type quail cages are easy for management, savable for place, and preventable for diseases. The cages can be adjusted according to place and customers request, and also can be added automatic water system.
Installation of cage: 50cm in front height, 50cm in back height, 55cm between front and back, 50cm between left and right, and 2m in length. This kind of specification can basically meet the needs of adult pigeons. The bottom of the cage from the ground not less than 10cm, the upper and lower cage spacing of 10cm before the number of layers of not more than 3 layers, the total height (the ground from the upper cage on the mouth) at about 1.7 meters, too high is not only a waste of material, but also detrimental to observation, feeding and cleaning.
Installation of drinker. Automatic drinker installed in the front panel, parallel to the water outside the board. Easy to observe the water level and timely replenishment.
Installation of feeder: The feeder is preferably formed as a plug-in type. The pigeons can be eaten when the head of the bar from the bar will not stick out material, but also easy to manually feed. The magazine can also be placed in the door, but to maintain a certain height, to prevent pigeons get the feed out.

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