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How to begin your quail farming business?

Nowadays, more and more people want to keep quails, some people intend to sell quail eggs, some people intend to sell quail meat. Quail farming had been a profitable business. Let’s say something about quail farming.

Benefits for quail farming

The reason why many persons treat quail farming as their business is they can get many benefits from it. Quail eggs are high in vitamin A and B2, very good for people’s health. Quail meat have high protein, low fat, low cholesterol, good for old people and hypertensive,obese patients, known as “animals ginseng”.

Less investment

Quails are smaller sized birds, so they can be raised in small space. Feeding cost of quails are comparatively lower than chickens or other poultry birds. Don't need heavy manual work. Diseases are less in quails, and saving cost n epidemic prevention drugs.

More output

Quails grow very fast and gain maturity faster than any other poultry birds. Quails can get maturity within 40-50 days. For meat quails, their weight can be 220g when they are 42 days, only need fodder 700g. For egg quails, they can lay 270 eggs each year. Also the manure for0 quails can be sold for income .

Fast Capital turnover

Because they grow up soon and less investment, working fund for each bird is not more than 0.25 dollars. So quail farming can enjoy faster capital turnover than other poultry birds.

Steps to begin your quail farming

Before you begin your business, it is necessary for you to make the plan and investment budget. A good plan can help you find the problems and solve them in time. The following steps for your reference.

Choosing the location of your quail farming house

To select the terrain, well drained, soil quality good, far from the pollution,

electricity, water and traffic is convenient. The house should face to the south to get good day-lighting and ventilated. The roof of the quail house should use insulation materials and easy to drain rainwater. Should have the flat road to the quail house, also shouldn’t too close to traffic corridors, avoid the  interference of the noise. 

Choosing the quails you want to raise

Many varieties for quails can be available. Can be divided by egg quails and meat quails. For egg quails: ①Japanese quails ②Korean quail ③Chinese white feather quail ④yellow-feather quail. For meat quails: ① French giant quail ②California quail ③Ferrari meat quail. In China, usually using Korean quails and yellow feather quails as egg quails, using French giant quail as meat quails. 

Choosing the wire mesh cages for your quails

There are many advantages to use cages to raise quails. Save space, easy to manage. Our factory can produce several types of quail cages: H type 5 tiers and 6 tiers cages, A type 6 tiers one side or two sides. The best selling type is H type 6 tiers, holding 400 quails each set. If you have interest, just feel free to contact us. Our factory also can produce the cages according to your requirement. We also supply all the necessary accessories. 

Challenges you may encounter

To begin a new business is not easy, especially for large scale farming. So you have to think about these issues before you begin your business.

Financial issue

The most important issue is the financial matter. At the beginning, you have to invest much funds for this business, for the land, house building, buying quails, buying cages for quails, etc. Also for the purchasing of the fodder and vaccination.

Disease issue

Bad environment in the quail house will cause many diseases and infections. You have to clear the quail manure frequently. So that the quails will not be exposed to the harmful bacteria. We can offer the automatic manure removal system, also fans and wet curtain. They can keep the quail house more clean.

So that your quail farming business will be more smoothly.


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