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High Quality 3 tiers Cat Cage for Sale

BAIYI Company is located in the well known county for wire mesh- development zone in south of Anping, Hebei province.
We develop, design, produce and sell all kinds of cages.
Now, I make a detailed introduction about 3 tiers cat cage for you as follow:
600# 3 Tiers Cat Cage
low carbon steel wire
black, purple, pink, blue, etc.
Wire Diameter
3mm, 4mm
Mesh Size
3cm x 14cm/1.5cm x 14cm
60cm x 42cm x 100cm(with wheels)
Surface Treatment
The cat cage made of high strength cold steel wire, it makes the wire stronger. The painting go trough 30 minutes from painting room to high temperature oven, which make the paint more thicker, not easy burst even in sun.  
And the painting is two sides, which make the surface beautiful and no drain paint. 
And some competitors can't get it at the moment.  
2 ladders, 1 hammock, 1 plastic tray, 4 wheels.
Gross Weight: 12 kgs
The product of the weight is heavy so that the wire is not easy to break.
And the weight is related with the cost of product.
The heavier weight the higher cost.
The cages are welded by good quality iron wire, low carbon steel wire, nice, light weight, and can be folded, convenient for storage. Each cage with plastic tray makes the cage easy to clean.

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