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Chicken Duck Feed Pellet Mill Machine 220V 3KW Farm Animal Pellet Mill Machine

Chicken Duck Feed Pellet Mill Machine 220V 3KW Farm Animal Pellet Mill Machine

(This item 220V, if you need 380V, pls let's know)

 * This product is suitable for medium and small scale farming households processing various livestock and aquatic feeds,
 * It can reduce production cost. It can be used for raise rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, fish, pig, aquatic products, etc.
 Model: 120 Model 3kw
 Voltage: 220V
 Motor power: 3KW
 Flat die diameter: 120mm
 Flat die RPM: 366r/min
 Capacity: 80-100kg/h
 Gross weight: 93kg

 Feed Pellet diameter: φ4mm (φ2-12mm for customized)

How to use it?

1. Before boot, the gearbox plus hyperbolic gear oil.

  2.Work should be checked before the power wiring is safe, turn to meet the requirements.

the various parts of the fastening screw loosening phenomenon, loosen the adjustment roller Luo bolt,
start the machine to listen to whether the abnormal noise, if abnormal sound should Downtime spreads,

3.The machine's first use of grinding disc to go through grinding, adjust the pressure roller to the pressure roller and the template gap of 1.5-0 mm.

4.Take 10 kg of feed and add 0.5 kg of vegetable oil mix start with pellet feed machine with oil feed,
the first to join a small amount to be extruded when the particles gradually increased,
the repeated extrusion of the particles several times before adding a good mix Of the powder material for normal work

(Note: the pressure roller speed should be uniform, can not be too tight or pressure roller shaft easy to break)

5.the work should be removed after the machine memory material, to prevent moldy, particle machine magic plate hole material,
a short period of time without cleaning, re-use can be directly added to the mixed feed,

such as prolonged downtime should be clear template hole material, And for rust treatment.

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