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Feed Mixer Grinder Machine

This machine is mainly used for crushing and mixing all kinds of dry animal feed. screw conveyor, crusher and mixer are concentrated in one, 
so it occupy a small place and easy to install and carry. 
And the crusher can absorb the raw material by itself.

Features & Advantages
1.High efficiency with low cost. crushing and mixing at the same time. 
2.The residue materials are easy to clean. Durable in use and easy and convenient to maintain.
3.Energy saving and environment friendliness with low noise and dust.
4.Short mixing time. Stable and reliable performance.
5.Compact structure.
6.High evenness. CV≤5%

Model Power(kw) Output
Mixing Uniformity
grinder mixer
BY-500 7.5-11 3 500-700 2.3x1.05x2.5 430 0.5 ≥ 95
BY-750 7.5-11 3 700-900 2.35x1.16x2.6 460 0.75 ≥ 95
BY-1000 7.5-15 3-4 1000-1500 2.4x1.3x2.9 540 1 ≥ 95
BY-1500 11-15 4 1500-2000 2.8x1.2x3.02 800 1.5 ≥ 95
BY-2000 11-15 4 2000-2500 2.8x1.75x3.1 1000 2 ≥ 95

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