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Automatic Rabbit Cage


Type A type- 2 tiers
Capacity The top tier: 10 commercial rabbits cage
The second tiers: 8 female rabbits
Size 2m × 2.3m ×1.6m


Easy install, convenient breeding, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases
It can be one tier, two tiers or more, the ventilation and sunshade is great
1. hot dip galvanised steel material,durable equipment with long life,anti-corrosion.Don't worry about our equipment,it will not get rusted whatever manure and water
2. specia cage structure,very strong and supportive.More rabbit can be held in the cage and great weight of the rabbit is allowed.Don't wory about our equipment,it will not bend over or break.
3. complete system,including silos,transporting system,feeding system,watering system,environment control,manure cleaning,etc.Don't worry about the heavy labor work in your farm and the poor sanitation inside the sheds,our equipment will automatic suppy the water and feed,also our system will well manage the right operation of each separate system,keep fresh air in the house and clean all the rabbit manure.
4. Accessory: Nipple drinker, water pipe, water tank for automatic drinking system, Plastic floor, nest box, feeder, steel frame

3 story rabbit cage rabbit battery cage wholesale

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