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A Type Ladder Type Feeding Machine


Operating instruction: 
The machine from the expected design all automatic feeding, simple operation, easy maintenance, standard henhouse only need seven to eight minutes, you can feed a material, can reduce the artificial feeding and waste caused by the and save manpower, reduce the production cost, improve efficiency to reduce labor intensity and is necessary for modern farming equipment.


Technical date

NO. Item Specification
1 Source Type AC, 3-Phase
2 Rated Power 0.75KW - 0.11KW
3 Rated Voltage 220V/380V
4 Outline Size L by W by H = (2.3-2.7) by (1.2-1.5) by (2.0-2.25)m
5 Hopper Size L by W by H = 0.66m by 0.256m by 0.5m
6 Working Average Rate of  the Hopper Around 15 g/m
7 Feed Capacity of each Hopper 35KGS - 100 KGS/piece
8 Working Speed 10 - 15 Meters/Min
9 Structure Weight 550KG
10 Supporting Orbits Thickness = 3.0mm, Diam = 50mm
11 Orbits Material Hot deep galvanized Pipe
12 Transverse Auger Conveying Feeding Equipment Diameter = 75mm to 150mm
13 Connected with the Silo 5,000KGS to 15,000KGS

The hoppers play an important role in the feeding system. The material is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 2.2 mm.  All the hoppers are fixed on the feeding machine and deliver fodder to the feeding trough symmetrically.

Fodder flatten system
The fodder flatten system is constituted by nuts and bolts, spring and capacity control plate.
When the feeding machine is operating, the fodder can be capacity controlled and flattened which is beneficial to saving fodder and equally distributed on the feeding trough.
This system makes sure all the chicken can have enough fodder they need which means more healthy and higher rate of laying.

Working Orbit
Our working orbit is galvanized round pipes with diameter of 50 mm and thickness of 3 mm. 
The orbit is 6 meters long per piece and fixed on the cage frames.
The connection spot of two pipes is lined with a galvanizedpipe with diameter of 44mm. This design makes sure theconnection spot is strong and stable.

Engine and Auger
Motor Power: 0.75 kw, Voltage: 380V, Motor frequency: 50HZ.
We import the auger from South Africa. It is flexible and hard-wearing. It transfers the fodder into hoppers, then delivers the fodder to the feeding trough for chicken.

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